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How to make a good sign?

Here are some design guidelines to maximize the power of signs.


Be sure your lettering is large enough to read from a distance.

Reading Distance
Letter Height
100 ft.
1.75" to 2" or above
200 ft.
3.5" and above
400 ft.
7" and above
600 ft.
10.5" and above
800 ft.
14" and above
1000 ft.
17" and above
1300 ft.
22" and above

high color contrast

A high color contrast factor will improve legibility. Here are the best combinations, ranked in order of legibility from a distance.

Best Combinations
Black on yellow
Black on white
Yellow on black
White on black
Blue on white
White on blue
Blue on yellow
Yellow on blue
Green on white
White on green
Red on White
White on red
Red on yellow
Yellow on Red

Color Combination Effects

Low Visibility
Hign Visibility

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