Acylic Paints & Mediums

High Viscosity
Artist Acrylics

These high viscosity premium acrylic paints are Canadian-made and have a smooth and buttery texture. All Tri-Art Acrylics are manufactured
with 100% acrylic emulsion producing a tough
yet flexible film with excellent resistance to water,
chemicals, light and ultraviolet radiation.

Available in 92 pure pigment colours.

Tri-Art Liquid Acrylic

Tri-Art Finest Quality Liquid Acrylics
Highly concentrated liquid acrylics provide the artist with a self-levelling, fluid paint ideal for high detail
glazing and watercolour-like techniques without sacrificing colour strength or permanence. This line
contains only the highest quality colour pigments which have been selected for purity and lightfastness.New colours, with drastically improved permanence, have been chosen to mimic the rich, transparent hues of older lake pigments. The adhesive and waterfast nature of Tri-Art Liquid Acrylics makes them an obvious choice for painting and printing on fabric. All colours are permanent.

System3 Acrylic Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylics
System 3 colors (with the exception of fluorescent orange and red) are available in 75 ml tubes. Only high quality pigments are used in the manufacture of System 3 Acrylics, with a greater loading than other colors in their class.
AA Acrylic Art Advantage Tube Acrylics
Vibrant color range. Excellent opacity. Use straight from the tube. Thin with water for a variety of techniques. Best when applied to porous surfaces. Permanent, water resistant and flexible when dry. Economical, line priced. Clean up with soap and water. Made in the USA.
Van-Gogh Acrylic Van Gogh Acrylic
Van Gogh Acrylics are ideal for beginners and
leisure painters. Highly permanent with excellent
lightfastness, this thick, quality paint can be used
on a variety of surfaces. Clear plastic, flip open
tubes let artists see the vibran colour and control
the amount used.
Tri-Art Medium Tri-Art Acrylic Medium Seriaries
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