Watercolour Paints & Mediums

Van Gogh watercolour
Van Gogh watercolours offer a quality watercolour paint with high lightfastness. These colours will remain intense for
years to come.

Koi Koi Watercolor Set
Koi watercolors are smooth, creamy and instantly responsive to water. The pigments are used to give the artist vibrant colors, yet break down easily for transparent washes. Opacity can be achieved by applying directly on paper without water. These watercolors have pigments that are very lightfast and adhere to watercolor paper permanently.
Koi-Travel Koi Watercolor Postcard Field Set
Koi offers an affordable and portable travel kit of 12, 18 and 24 colors and its own self-contained easy-to-use brush. Included in this kit are five paint wells molded on the inside cover. It also comes with a small sponge for dabbing.
Masking Fluid - Winsor & Newton
Use this removable, colorless liquid to mask areas of work that need protection when color is applied in broad washes. It is specifically designed for soft sized papers to avoid staining.
Blending Medium- Winsor & Newton
This medium slows the drying rate of watercolours. It is useful for artists who work outdoors or in hot climates and who desire a longer working time. The drying rate of this
medium is dependent upon atmospheric conditions.

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