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Winsor & Newton Artisan Oil & Mediums
Artisan Oil is a genuine oil colour which can be
thinned with water. It is made from linseed and
safflower oils that have been modified to create a
stable, workable emulsion when water is added.
This enables the artist to thin and clean up with
H2Oil Van Gogh H2Oil Colours
A genuine oil colour which can be thinned with
water. No need to use expensive mediums or
toxic solvents for mixing or clean up, but delivers
the look, texture, and intensity of traditional oils.
H2Oils dry in a fraction of the time, but still allow
traditional oil techniques such as wet-in-wet. Can
be mixed with traditional oils (but this will affect
water clean-up).
Georgion Oil Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colour
Affordable quality, Georgian oils offer artists high performance colours at an economical and uniform price. Georgian Oil colours are carefully blended and tested to produce the most brilliant colour, and match tint and texture from batch to batch. 57 colors in the range.
GRM-Oil M. Graham & Co. Oil Color
The most beautiful and easily worked color produced today. Each color is created slowly, one at a time, to offer clarity, depth, richness and permanence without peer. Crafted only from artists' pigments, free from extenders or adulterants and dispersed in pure nonyellowing American walnut oil these colors provide a distinctive and traditional value. Completely permanent, intermixable and compatible with all other oils, varnish and mediums including alkyd resin products
Tri-Art Tri-Art Oil Medium Seriaries

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